Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Winking Tanner

Fun stuff

Back to Rexburg we will go

We made a quick move back to good ol Rexburg Idaho. Mo started a new job working for the Eastern Idaho Public Health District as an Environmental Health Specialist. He loves his job and for the first time comes home excited to tell me about his day! He is working hard to remember all the information he's being fed. While attending a meeting he sat in a chair that you can raise or lower the chair. The chair he picked just happened to be sitting low. He didn't bother to raise it and a lady walking down the hall saw him. She ran down the hall to ask someone who the new high school kid was! With not much hair left on his head Mo got a great kick out of this!
Tanner has been a big help setting up the entertainment center and unpacking. He found all sorts of ways to use various items he found! He especially likes to play with dad's deodorant.

Shark Reef

Before we left Las Vegas we headed to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. They had and kinds of weird sea life swimming around. The had a huge tank of jelly fish, alligators, sharks, and even a pond area where you could touch the sting rays.