Friday, December 12, 2008


When I took Brayden to the doctors to have his hand checked out he told me we needed to cut the tops of his blisters off so they'd heal. All I can say is Ouch! I held Brayden while Mo cut the blisters. Of course Brayden cried pretty good. Mo always rocks and sings to Brayden before he puts him in bed. Well Poor Brayden wouldn't even go to Mo when it was bedtime. I'm just glad his hands are healing. One hand is almost completely healed! This is his hand after we cut the blister off. Poor guy.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Update on Brayden

Some of you wanted to know about Brayden so here ya go, short version. While we were at a Christmas party on Saturday Brayden touched the hot glass screen that was in front of a fireplace. He burned both hands pretty bad. After talking with 3 nurses and a P.A. we were told to pop all of his blisters and put a prescription cream (someone loaned us) on his hands and wrap them up. So we sanitized a needle and went to work. He had a blister on the tip of each finger and some huge ones on the palms of his hands. In all he had about 15 plus blisters. They just kept getting bigger and bigger. I know it is hard to see everything in the pictures but he obviously didn't want to hold still and have a picture for keepsake. Trust me it was pretty bad. All in All he's been a brave little boy and his hands are recovering. Thanks for everyone who helped us out.

3 Santa Trips

We got to see Santa 3 times this year. At the library, the carousel, and at a party in our Clubhouse. Tanner wrote such a sweet letter for the Santa at the carousel. He wished him a happy birthday, asked for a christmas tree, pine cones and Thomas the Train toy. I was just glad that Tanner didn't see or hear Santa ask if we wanted Tanner's letter back.

Mo's new work car

Mo was pretty excited that he was given an upgrade on company cars. He went from a neon to a 2008 Escape.

Friday, December 5, 2008

It's finally here!

So our first table we inherited from Mo's brother right after we were married. It has served us faithfully for 4 years. But in the last few months our chairs took a turn for the worst. So after looking at prices on some good sturdy chairs we decided to just buy a new table and chair set. Here is a look at our old chairs (now in the dumpster) and our new table. Fortunately we had 1 chair that survived us so we kept it and now it is Brayden's chair. Hopefully that will be the only chair that gets food stuck to it!


We headed down to Soda Springs Idaho for Thanksgiving we met up with a bunch of college friends and Lance came as well! We had tons of fun playing video games, our own turkey bowl, black friday shopping at 5 am and celebrating my friend Brandee's birthday! Thanks for the invite Jorgensens.