Friday, December 12, 2008


When I took Brayden to the doctors to have his hand checked out he told me we needed to cut the tops of his blisters off so they'd heal. All I can say is Ouch! I held Brayden while Mo cut the blisters. Of course Brayden cried pretty good. Mo always rocks and sings to Brayden before he puts him in bed. Well Poor Brayden wouldn't even go to Mo when it was bedtime. I'm just glad his hands are healing. One hand is almost completely healed! This is his hand after we cut the blister off. Poor guy.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Update on Brayden

Some of you wanted to know about Brayden so here ya go, short version. While we were at a Christmas party on Saturday Brayden touched the hot glass screen that was in front of a fireplace. He burned both hands pretty bad. After talking with 3 nurses and a P.A. we were told to pop all of his blisters and put a prescription cream (someone loaned us) on his hands and wrap them up. So we sanitized a needle and went to work. He had a blister on the tip of each finger and some huge ones on the palms of his hands. In all he had about 15 plus blisters. They just kept getting bigger and bigger. I know it is hard to see everything in the pictures but he obviously didn't want to hold still and have a picture for keepsake. Trust me it was pretty bad. All in All he's been a brave little boy and his hands are recovering. Thanks for everyone who helped us out.

3 Santa Trips

We got to see Santa 3 times this year. At the library, the carousel, and at a party in our Clubhouse. Tanner wrote such a sweet letter for the Santa at the carousel. He wished him a happy birthday, asked for a christmas tree, pine cones and Thomas the Train toy. I was just glad that Tanner didn't see or hear Santa ask if we wanted Tanner's letter back.

Mo's new work car

Mo was pretty excited that he was given an upgrade on company cars. He went from a neon to a 2008 Escape.

Friday, December 5, 2008

It's finally here!

So our first table we inherited from Mo's brother right after we were married. It has served us faithfully for 4 years. But in the last few months our chairs took a turn for the worst. So after looking at prices on some good sturdy chairs we decided to just buy a new table and chair set. Here is a look at our old chairs (now in the dumpster) and our new table. Fortunately we had 1 chair that survived us so we kept it and now it is Brayden's chair. Hopefully that will be the only chair that gets food stuck to it!


We headed down to Soda Springs Idaho for Thanksgiving we met up with a bunch of college friends and Lance came as well! We had tons of fun playing video games, our own turkey bowl, black friday shopping at 5 am and celebrating my friend Brandee's birthday! Thanks for the invite Jorgensens.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Shutting down Pizza Hut

Unfortunately this past week Mo shut down his first restaurant. Long story short there was sewage coming up from the floors and spreading into their freezers. The employee who reported it to Mo also reported it to the newspaper and so Mo was asked a couple questions and then they printed it. Unfortunately the papers facts are a little skewed. The good this was that the problem was taken care of and they believe the sewage problems were a result of a diaper being shoved down a toilet. GROSS! Here's the link to the article.

The Forgotten Carols

For the last several years I have really wanted to go and see the production "The Forgotten Carols" by Michael McClean and last Saturday Mo took me! I absolutely loved it. There was a musician named Jordan Bluth who sang/acted several parts. He has an amazing voice! We only got this picture of our program before we got in trouble for taking pics. Oops!

Mo's started referring at basketball games

Mo has decided to start referring at some middle and high school basketball games. He's done quite a few games so far and has done great. He only has a few things to work on but other wise enjoys it. Me and the boys enjoy going even though we don't get to watch a ton of the game. The boys LOVE running around the schools. Here's a little clip of mo at one game making a call.

Thanksgiving Mommies Group

For one of our latest Mom's and Tots group we let the kids make some indian hats and Pilgrim vests. Here is tanner with some of his little buddies and brayden strutting his stuff as an indian!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The other Sunday Brayden didn't take a nap at church like he usually does and this is him after church getting a snack.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We had lots of fun this Halloween, mostly because there was no snow and it wasn't insanely cold as in years past. We went to a halloween party where we saw amazing costumes: robots, cats, witches, technicians, princesses, tinkerbell, peterpan, captian hook, and tiger lily. Our family dressed as M&M's we were only able to get one picture and it turned out blurry. The boys were more interested in playing than taking pics! I also tried to bake a Dinner in a Pumpkin. I couldn't find the recipe when I went to the store so I didn't have all the right stuff. Lets just say mo's substitutes weren't the greatest. It was fun anyways. On halloween we went to a trunk or treat. Then went to a few houses up the street with Tanner's friend. On our way home we had planned to go only to Tanner's friends houses in our complex. However when we got home he saw his friend who had just started so we ended up going around to our whole complex. Let's just say our kids made out like bandits and we have WAY TO MUCH candy. We defiantly had a melt down when it was time to put the candy away. All in All it was great fun. Even Brayden/Mo did great trick or treating.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mo's article

Mo has been interviewed a couple of times by newspaper people. Here is the latest one. Scroll down to the second story. It's about dirty kitchens. For some reason the link option isn't working so here is the website.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yesterday was Mo's 28th Birthday! He was lucky enough to be the first person to try my crepes! I've never made them before but I thought I'd try to surprise him with breakfast. Then we were all able to meet up for lunch and chill out with people he works with. (They ordered pizza) The best part of the day was hitting a bucket of balls on the golf course. Of course we did presents and cake. Tanner asked where the tree was to put all the presents under so I let him color a tree and we hung it up for all the presents. It was a great day and we are so blessed to be able to have Mo in our family. We love and appreciate all he does for us!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is Brayden indulging us in a song of If youre Happy and you Know It!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cupcake Central

There's this place in town called the Cocoa Bean Cupcake Factory. They sell all kinds of weird hot chocolate flavors and some huge cupcakes with some crazy flavors. Tanner got a Brownie cupcake, Mo got Oreo and I got Better Than Whatever. All were delicious!

If your house is to quite I have just the thing to cure it. Brayden likes to make himself known. Sometimes it incredibly funny other times not so much. When Mo comes home Brayden greets him with a prolonged yell! This is during lunch time. The mess on his face is a smoothie! And today we got snow. Yikes!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some of you know that our townhome we have been renting was up for sale. Well our landlords were selling all of the appliances with the home. Except they were going to trade us refrigerators because ours was a little nicer. Well the day has come that our home was sold and so they came to switch refrigerators. They came while Tanner was asleep. Needless to say he did not like the new refrigerator and was crying so much he hardly ate his breakfast. I think it is because now he can't get his own drinks. I have to admit I liked the side by side refrigerator better as well. Guess that's what I get for renting!


We headed out to Yellowstone for Public Land Use Day. Which basically just means you get in for free. We went on a couple hikes, saw Old Faithful, and went swimming in Firehole Canyon! It was a day full of memories especially since we got the great pleasure of wiping Tanners poopy bum with an old receipt. (We had no wipes, tissues...nothing)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

We packed a lunch and headed out to one of my most favorite places in Idaho. We went to Mesa Falls and for those of you who have been there you know just how pretty it is. We were wanting to see all of the fall colors that are starting to show up and Mesa Falls was the perfect place for that! We got rained on all the way there and all the way back. Luckily while we were there we only got a few sprinkles. I hope you enjoy all of our pictures. The boys loved running around out in "nature".

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Who couldn't love this face?!

So I got out some creamies for us all to enjoy. Of course Brayden didn't need his own so we all just shared with him. He had way to much fun having everyone feed him and give him drinks.

I had my first canning experience the other day. We borrowed the equipment from the cannery and to my surprise it was incredible easy. The boys had to much fun helping to fill the cans.

100 Dollars

So we were at the park the other day and Mo and I were sitting on the bench talking and brayden was crawling around in the dirt by us. Well Brayden picked something up and threw it in my lap. This is how I got it.
Needless to say after looking at it closer my heart skipped a beat. Then I opened it to make sure I had seen 2 0s. And this is what I found.
A lady Mo works with brought in some vegetables from her garden to share. This is one of the zucchinis that we got. All of her vegetables were this big!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trip to Houston

We had lots of fun the last 2 weeks in Houston. Despite the insanely humid weather we had a blast. We went swimming, to the zoo, visited the beach, made bread and jam. My dad was so nice to give Mo and I a night away at a Marriott Hotel. It had a full kitchen with it! It was pretty cool. It also had a buffet breakfast that served waffles in the shape of Texas! While on our get away we went to an Astros game and lost miserably. Luckily they had great fireworks at the end. Then we headed out to the beach for some fun in the sun and a ferry ride. While on our ferry ride it started to pour rain real hard and we even watched as a funnel cloud formed close by. Since we got rained off the beach we headed over to Moody Gardens and visited the Rainforest Pyramid. It was so nice to get away for a while. Thanks mom and dad for the great time and letting us come.