Saturday, April 24, 2010

McCall's nasty infection

Last week when I was changing McCall's clothes I noticed a huge lump on her neck. So we took her to the doctor and got some antibiotics. Well they didn't help at all and the lump was getting bigger and redder. (They said she had some swollen lymph nodes.) So I took her back to the doctor and then ending up having to get her a CT scan. Well they had a hard time finding a vein (after several pokes) for her IV and had to put one in her head. Her scan showed that not only was there a lump on her neck but also in her chest. So we've done blood test and have also put her on a different antibiotic that has to be administered through an IV. She has to keep the IV in for several days until she gets all of her doses. Hopefully this antibiotic will help clear everything quickly. She has several little dots from all the poking. It is so sad when she watches you through her tears as she gets poked. I think she knows when we go to the hospital something painful is about to happen.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birthdays and our House

Since my last post we've been having lots of fun. I celebrated my 26th birthday and a couple days later Tanner turned 5! We were able to have an airplane party and invite some friends. We had a couple of games but I think the favorite was the pinata. Tanner was talking about the pinata for a long time! With our birthdays we were able to have Mo's dad and step mom come and visit. It's always so nice when they come and we were glad they could make it. We went to Red Robin for dinner one night and we asked Tanner if he wanted to have a Happy Birthday song sung to him. He said yes with big eyes but when they came to sing he slithered down his seat. We've been swimming, playing outside, and I got my hair cut. McCall has been growing lots but has a little infection right now. Hopefully it will go away soon. We also hope to be closing on a house next week...if all goes well. We are super excited to finally have something of our own. Lets just hope nothing breaks anytime soon. We will be a lot closer to mo's work and hope we can enjoy having him home for lunch everyday again. We will definately be sad to leave our townhome and friends. We have really enjoyed living here and love our ward. Tanner has already asked who his new friends will be. Hopefully we'll make some new friends soon. Anyone is welcome to come stop by...especially if you need to drop your kids off while you go shopping or out to eat.

You can check out a virtual tour of our house by going here. "">