Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brayden got his T&A surgery

So anyone who has been around brayden while he is sleeping can attest that he snores like an old old grandpa. I can close his bedroom door and hear him down the hall. I can close his bedroom door and my bedroom door and still hear him. Tanner comes out the room often to say he can't sleep because brayden is so loud. He also sounds congested all the time and usually sounds like Darth Vader when simply trying to breath. (He doesn't always do so good at the hiding part in Hide and Seek) Well lately it has seemed his snoring has gotten louder and it is more difficult for him to breath and swallow so I decided to take him to an ENT doctor. Well he ended up getting his Tonsils and Adenoids out. I took him to the hospital at 6:45am on the coldest day of the week. It was below 0 by a lot and the wind was blowing BRRRRRRRRRR! He settled into a zone while watching cartoons and waiting. We gave him a med that makes him calm down but things go a little wobbly. I asked him to sing his ABC's and I got slurred speech and part of Itsy Bisty Spider followed by a that wall is moving! I got a kick out of that. His surgery was fine but he had a hard time waking up. He got kind of violent and screamed and even helped the nurses out by pulling out his IV. It took almost an hour longer for them to bring him to us because he was going crazy. Thankfully we were able to bring him home later that day. He has been recovering well and makes sure he has a drink close by when taking his meds. I am happy to report that his snoring has almost gone away but he does have some nasty buggers. They just keep coming and coming in long strands. Mo got his first taste of wiping brayden's nose in Sam's Club. Though I had warned him about the nastiness of it I don't think he quite believed the quantity of buggers he would get until his 1 napkin wasn't enough!In the Zone with cartoonsEnjoying 1 of his many popsicles
McCall enjoying the bed while waiting!

Free Art Day

This weekend we went to the Museum's Free Art Day. They had lots of pictures for kids to paint and decorate. They had some powdered paint that you "sprinkled "on your picture. I've never seen that before but thought it was pretty cool. Well that was until a picture or two got dropped and it "sprinkled" itself all over the car, McCall's hat, and my jeans! Afterwards there a was room the kids could play with different activities. All in all we enjoyed our free day! Sorry my pictures are blurry. I took them with a cell phone.