Monday, April 28, 2008

I just liked this picture!

Can I say Cavity

It's always good to see how many M&M's you can fit in your mouth at once!

Fun in the Sun

It was a perfectly beautiful day. 68 Degrees! Tanner was itching to play in the water. After discovering ants in the dirt it turned into a mud party so he could "wash" the ants!

Old McDonald had a farm...

This past weekend we all went down to Salt Lake. Mo headed out on a flight to Virginia for an Epidemiologist job interview. The boys and I stayed in Salt Lake to hang out with friends and of course go shopping. We met up with some friends and headed out to Thanksgiving Point petting Zoo. Tanner's favorite was the Pony ride! Brayden just thought the whole thing was cool. Lance was able to come with us since he wasn't able to get into his apartment at BYU. As luck would have it right after we got there my friend Jessica (dobson) Speed and her family showed up. What a pleasant surprise it was! I had a hard time getting Tanner to look at the camera. He has all of a sudden become camera shy. If you're ever around Thanksgiving Point I recommend stopping by the petting Zoo. Tanner has also gotten in to locking doors even though he doesn't know how to unlock them yet. While at my cousins house he was locked in the bathroom for 45 minutes. We tried everything to unlock the door but couldn't. So we asked the construction workers next door to come and help. After they worked for 20 minutes the door finally opened. We found Tanner sitting on the toilet going poop!

Birthday Fun

Tanner had a lot of fun on his birthday. We got him a bike! Mo had fun trying to show him how to ride the bike. Tanner was having a little bit of trouble pushing the pedals. Hence the reason Mo showed him. The great thing about it was, was the bike was to small for Mo to push the pedals very well!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Birthday Time

Even though Tanner's birthday isn't until the 16th we went ahead and had a birthday party because his grandparents were in town. He is really big into trains so we decided to have a train theme. Since my mother in law is amazing at decorating cakes she helped me do a train cake. I thought I did pretty good (especially since I had some help) on making the cake. Tanner had lots of fun playing with friends and opening presents! Brayden however wasn't so sure about the whole thing. But overall I think he had fun being around all the people.