Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family Reunion

We just got back from a fantastic time in Maryland. We went to my brothers house for a family reunion and had a lot of fun. My kids are tuckered out still! We got to go see a lot of fun places. We watched pig races, saw the Antietam Battle field (bloodiest day of battle during the Civil War...I think!) went to Gettysburg, ate at the Pennsylvania Dutch Market, went to a baseball game, played lots of games, saw DC and lots more. While we were in DC we got to see Arlington Cemetery and the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier. I was sweating up a storm there. I have no idea how the guards could stand it. I was watching the guard as he was walking away from his post and he was soooooo sweaty. I knew arlington cemetery was big but it was way bigger than I thought. We also Iwo Jima, visited the Air and Space Museum and drove around and saw some other monuments and the white house. The cousins had lots of fun playing together and NEVER wanted to go to sleep. We had to have someone sit in their room until they would fall asleep because they were playing around so much. At the baseball game we had 3 people ejected from the game and an idiot fan run around the field for a LONG time before every cop in the stadium was close to or on the field to catch him. We had lots of fun playing some games where we had to knock over water bottles with a ball and panty hose, eating an oreo off our foreheads using only the muscles in our face to get it in our mouths! We had a great time visiting with everyone. Thanks Jason and Dadra for hosting the mad house!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brayden's 3!

Brayden turned 3 this past week. To say he was excited was a major understatement. He kept talking about all his friends that were going to come over for his birthday so I figured I had better have a party. We had several kids come over but apparently 13 kids were not enough. Tanner and Brayden kept asking why we weren't inviting some of their other friends. When I said we had enough people coming they took it upon themselves to invite 4 more people. We had his party outside with a couple of water games. We painted the fence with water, had the kids push a ball with their nose from one end of the pool to the other, a water ballon toss and then I had all the kids chase Mo and peg him with water balloons (I think the kids liked that part), and a couple other games. But I think the kids liked jumping on the trampoline at the end. It's a good thing we have a net on the trampoline because we had all 13 kids on the trampoline at one point (chaos..not recommended if your neighbors like quiet). We had a Beach Ball cake all though I don't think it really looked like that. Brayden loves all his presents and Tanner has tried to slowly make them become his. Thanks to everyone who was able to come. Some of the pictures are us at Bridal Veil Falls with my brother Lance.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Where have all the post gone?

Well our computer crashed so it was out of commission for 3 weeks while they fixed it. Everything came back great on it except for all of our pictures and videos we took are gone, including McCall's baby pictures. Got to love technology. Anyways since the last post we've worked on finishing the basement. My in laws came to town to help. Ok maybe they did most of the work. It helped that they knew what they were doing. We finished the electrical, put up drywall and started mudding. . With the help of his dad Mo installed a ceiling fan. He had to put the hole in the ceiling and all since there was not currently a light there. We painted a little and the boys couldn't get enough of splattering it everywhere and climbing on the ladder. They even helped cover buttons to make our curtains with. We still have lots we'd like to do but are glad we've made some progress. And for all those who have been asking this past week we took McCall down to Primary Children's to get her chest checked out. Long story short the doctor is totally confused as to where the mass came from or why it's there. We did a scan and discovered that the mass is where lung tissue should be growing and there are blood vessels and stuff in it. So because surgery would be too risky and she is acting and growing normal we are to just watch for any signs of infection and come back in the Spring. We are grateful for all your prayers and help with watching the boys. They had so fun much every place they went. We got to see Uncle Lance and hike Bridal Veil falls while we were in Utah! And sorry I couldn't get the slide show webpage to work fast enough so here are all the pictures.