Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Soccer and the Liahona

Well some of you know that Tanner started soccer and he loves it! He does way better than I thought he would. He is actually pretty quick and loves to kick the ball. This last game that he played his team got a little distracted because the other team had two little boys who were a little naughty. I heard them calling some of our kids "fried chicken". And then of course came the response, "No I'm not you are." One of our kids even tried to tackle the other team. Quite entertaining. We weren't very quick at getting some action pictures but here's a little something every kid does. It is so funny.

Last night for home evening we talked about Lehi and the Liahona. For our activity we made Liahonas. And despite the look on braydens face he really had fun. He's upset because I made him take another picture. We have even had to take our Liahonas to Lowes so that we would know which direction we were supposed to go!