Friday, January 23, 2009

Here is the world's next best BMX racer! Watch out! Brayden absolutely loves Tanner's bike. He can barely touch the pedals with his toes. It's cute. Also a few weeks ago I was put in as the 2nd Counselor in the Primary. Though I've never wanted to work in the Primary I think it will be fun. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week of Vomit and Diarrhea

This picture of Brayden sums up our week. On wednesday we got our new washer and dryer delivered and it's a good thing it came then because it has been busy washing endless loads of vomited and diarrhea filled clothes and sheets. Both Brayden and Tanner have had COLOSSAL accidents on both ends. One day Brayden was so exhausted he fell asleep on the stairs before I put him down for nap. Luckily they are feeling better except Brayden looks like he was punched in the face. His eyes are puffy and goopy, hopefully it's not pink eye.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Vacation

We were able to fly down to Denver and have Christmas with Mo's family. We had a great time with family. While we were there we were able to have a baby shower for my cute sis-in-law Rachel. We made her a diaper cake which I think turned out pretty cute. We had Suduko competitions and were able to check out a neighbors train set he built. It was pretty amazing and huge. It took up almost his whole basement. Mo showed me around his old stomping grounds and the bench he and friends help build in memory of a friend and a brother. All in all we had a great time and the boys loved seeing cousins again. We are happy to be back home and to be almost done unpacking in our new place. Hope everyone else had a great holiday as well. Sorry the captions on my pics didn't show up.