Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tanner's 1st day of School

So I was a little worried about Tanner going to school. Really only because I wanted him to talk to people which unless he knows you chances are good he might not even acknowledge you. And because when we went to Back to School night a few days before school was to start he still did not have a teacher. I thought we would find out who is teacher was when we registered so I told him that and he was excited. But then we didn't get a teacher at registration. Well then I was told we would meet the teacher at Back to School night. But that didn't happen either. A teacher had been hired and resigned the day before. So his classroom was pitch black and no decorations that night.... bummer. So finally we got a call from his new teacher the saturday before school saying who she was!!!! Well when we showed up to school the room was dark again. Thankfully his teacher was close by and she came over. Well he seemed excited in the morning and this is what I got.

When I dropped him off this is what I got

Thankfully he kinda smiled before we left!!!
He has already prayed that he will not have anymore homework.

Shoe Fetish

So I'm just wondering if McCall has a shoe fetish. I was hanging up some winter clothes for her and matching up shoes and by the end the only conclusion was that she has way to much stuff. She had 17 pairs of shoes, and a so many clothes they couldn't be all hung up. Greatest part of this all it was all free. My mother in Laws neighbor gave her all of her old girl's clothes and shoes and thus I inherited them. Even after giving away 6 trash bags full of clothes her closet has more clothes and shoes then mine.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

McCall's 1!!!

We celebrated McCalls Birthday today! My In Laws came to town for a visit and to celebrate her big day. We started off with the traditional number pancake and then we got to eat cake early in the morning so my in laws could be there for the fun. Unfortunately McCall has been a little grumpy lately (I'm not sure if it's just her teeth bothering her) so I don't think we have any pictures with a good smile in it. While we were singing Happy Birthday she reached for the flame so Mo pulled her hand away and she cried the rest of the time. Thank good she enjoyed her cupcake!

The Boys also enjoyed helping McCall eat her cake!

We also had a party and invited all of the kids in Tanner's Primary class. I think they had a lot of fun. I divided the kids into groups and let each group make their own volcano. Then we poured the baking soda and vinegar into them and watch them erupt. Well I don't know what one group did different but theirs totally exploded everywhere. It was sooooo funny. They weren't quite sure what to do. Even though they had just watched everyone else's erupt they were so stunned!

I also had a bunch of different items like: goldfish, rice, noodles, bouncy balls, etc. for them to feel and they guess what it was. I think the best was the jello!
All in all I think the party was successful!

Brayden was so tired after one day that he fell asleep eating some garlic bread. It is so funny watching him try to eat while sleeping.