Saturday, October 6, 2007

Conference Morning

This is what we woke up to find our lake front property looked like on Conference morning!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The men of the house

Here are the guys on Sunday afternoon. I was trying to get a picture of both Brayden and Tanner smiling. Tanner got tired of waiting for brayden to smile so he decided to help him out.

Looks like the boys had fun!

Jennifer hope you like the Montana sign! We thought of you!

Yellowstone National Park

We were able to take a quick trip up to Yellowstone this last Saturday. It was our first time going and we got real lucky. The weather had forecasted a heavy snow warning so we were going to head to Mesa Falls instead. Well we missed our turn off to Mesa Falls so we kept driving up to Yellowstone. It was a gorgeous day to be there. We only saw a few snow flurries! We were able to see Old Faithful blow, a bunch of geysers, and quite a few different animals. Some of the animals were so close that we could have thrown blades of grass out the car window and hit them. Here are some of our pictures. We were also graced with Aunt Celeste's presence on our trip!