Monday, November 24, 2008

Shutting down Pizza Hut

Unfortunately this past week Mo shut down his first restaurant. Long story short there was sewage coming up from the floors and spreading into their freezers. The employee who reported it to Mo also reported it to the newspaper and so Mo was asked a couple questions and then they printed it. Unfortunately the papers facts are a little skewed. The good this was that the problem was taken care of and they believe the sewage problems were a result of a diaper being shoved down a toilet. GROSS! Here's the link to the article.

The Forgotten Carols

For the last several years I have really wanted to go and see the production "The Forgotten Carols" by Michael McClean and last Saturday Mo took me! I absolutely loved it. There was a musician named Jordan Bluth who sang/acted several parts. He has an amazing voice! We only got this picture of our program before we got in trouble for taking pics. Oops!

Mo's started referring at basketball games

Mo has decided to start referring at some middle and high school basketball games. He's done quite a few games so far and has done great. He only has a few things to work on but other wise enjoys it. Me and the boys enjoy going even though we don't get to watch a ton of the game. The boys LOVE running around the schools. Here's a little clip of mo at one game making a call.

Thanksgiving Mommies Group

For one of our latest Mom's and Tots group we let the kids make some indian hats and Pilgrim vests. Here is tanner with some of his little buddies and brayden strutting his stuff as an indian!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The other Sunday Brayden didn't take a nap at church like he usually does and this is him after church getting a snack.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We had lots of fun this Halloween, mostly because there was no snow and it wasn't insanely cold as in years past. We went to a halloween party where we saw amazing costumes: robots, cats, witches, technicians, princesses, tinkerbell, peterpan, captian hook, and tiger lily. Our family dressed as M&M's we were only able to get one picture and it turned out blurry. The boys were more interested in playing than taking pics! I also tried to bake a Dinner in a Pumpkin. I couldn't find the recipe when I went to the store so I didn't have all the right stuff. Lets just say mo's substitutes weren't the greatest. It was fun anyways. On halloween we went to a trunk or treat. Then went to a few houses up the street with Tanner's friend. On our way home we had planned to go only to Tanner's friends houses in our complex. However when we got home he saw his friend who had just started so we ended up going around to our whole complex. Let's just say our kids made out like bandits and we have WAY TO MUCH candy. We defiantly had a melt down when it was time to put the candy away. All in All it was great fun. Even Brayden/Mo did great trick or treating.