Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yes I know it has been a long time since I posted and that's because my camera has been out of commission. It only takes blurry pictures. So these pictures are curtisy of my Dad's camera. After a 2 year absence we made a trip done to Houston to visit my family. We drove the whole way from idaho to Houston with 3 kids, crazy yes we know. We stopped in Denver for a few days and enjoyed spending time with Mo's family. We enjoyed the Denver Zoo and swimming, celebrating my Mother in Laws birthday and getting to see family. Then we embarked on the long drive from Denver to Houston. We picked some delicious blueberries (I gave Mo half of my blueberries that's why his bucket has lots more than mine!) And as you can tell my hair still frizzes really well in the humidity. We did lots of swimming and Tanner has become the little diver. He likes to go into the deep end and a dive for rings. He has become really comfortable in the water! Yea!!! Mo and I made a quick trip to San Antonio were he ran a Half Marathon. He has been wanting to run in a race for a while and what better way to do it than to go from 45 degree Idaho weather to near 100 degree humid San Antonio weather. Luckily the course was shaded most of the way. The course was in 3 mile loops. His split times were 25.41, 22.5, 21.58 and 23.57. His offical time was 134.38! He came in 8th in his division and 10th overall. Good job Mo you did awesome! The kids have enjoyed getting to play with cousins and I'm sure they will be sad to go home. Tanner told me today that he couldn't remember our house at all. I guess 2 weeks is to long a vacation.