Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We've been busy running all over this winter. We've enjoyed going to a live nativity, swimming, going to the zoo, McDonald's play land and free lunch, watching mo Ref basketball games, making Gingerbread houses and lots more. Unfortunately we didn't take pictures of most of the stuff we did. Brayden has been enjoying his preschool as well. He asks me everyday if it is preschool today. For his last class we went to a Gymnastics place and one of the mom's taught them a class. Since then I am now asked everyday if I will sign him up for a gymnastics class! McCall has been doing really well with potty training and she makes me laugh every time she "pushes". It is definitely a full body action. If we're not careful with the pants she wears both her pants and underwear will fall off as she dances around the house. I was glad that she was excited to get more underwear for her stocking stuffer! We had a great Christmas and were glad that Mo's sister Katy got to celebrate with us. Brayden had almost all of his presents ripped open before anyone else opened anything. To say he was excited would be an understatement. He reminds me of myself! When I told the kids lets start opening presents tanner grabbed the closest one to him and opened it. To bad for me it was Mo's gift that was probably the one present Mo didn't know I bought him. We had fun acting out the Nativity story and it was perfect that I could resemble Mary with my round belly. Tanner was Joseph, McCall was the shephard with her trusted monkey as her sheep. And in case you couldn't tell Brayden is our Wise Man.The kids got these fun towels from my In laws for christmas. I thought McCalls was quite cute with the antenna. She wears it around the house strutting her stuff.

It was a great Christmas and what a better day to celebrate it on than Sunday. I guess with being pregnant and so close to having a baby I feel a little more for Mary and what she went through. I have a hard time sitting in the car while Mo starts and stops and pulls in to store parking lots all the while bouncing around. I am so glad I don't have to ride a donkey. While watching the Nativity movie I noticed Joseph's expression as he and Mary walked into the stable. A look of helplessness as he looked around at all the animals and flies. He seemed to be saying sorry for the conditions Mary would have to deliver Christ in. I am so grateful I only have to drive the 2 miles to the hospital. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year. Hopefully my next post will be of the new baby.