Wednesday, May 16, 2012

update on the kiddos

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(Click on the white space to view slide show) So a little update on McCall! Some of you know she has had some funky nasty looking growths on her body called lymphatic malformations. We went in for her yearly xray and it showed that the growth in her chest has grown. So we got an MRI done to get some better pictures. We were put in the same room to start her IV as we were last time. I wonder if she remembered anything because she freaked out before the needles came out. Thankfully the nurses got the IV in on one poke. It has taken up to 8-10 pokes for others to get one in. I don't think I've ever seen medicine work so fast as when they gave her the meds to knock her out. She went from screaming to snoring in a few seconds. Well the Doc said if it continues to grow bigger it will probably get infected and start pushing on her heart. (it sits somewhere btwn her lungs and above her heart.) So she will be having surgery next month (schlerotherapy) to shrink the mass and hopefully the ones surrounding the large one. They say it might take more than one surgery for the mass to totally go away. I'm just hoping it works since some of the other medications they have given have done nothing at all. It's a fairly quick procedure where she will lie on her stomach and they will insert a larger needle into the mass and inject medication. Doesn't sound to fun to me. Kolby has been growing like CRAZY! I took him in for his 4 month appointment and she measured 26 1/4 inches and weighed 15 lbs 3.5 ounces. Which means he has grown 4 1/4 inches in 4 months. He has been so fun to have in the family. I don't think he knows what anything looks like except for the members of his family. It seems as though someone is always in his face giving him hugs and kisses. Brayden has been getting excited for kindergarden even though it doesn't start till august! He has been enjoying his preschool field trips to the Local Dairy and Fire station. The firemen let the kids hold the hose and spray water. Needless to say some of them ended up soaked! He is so excited that he is finally signed up for soccer. He constantly talks about how good he is at soccer and how he is in love with girls. In fact he lets it be known that he came down from heaven in love with girls. He is convinced he is in love with this friend Morgan and that they are getting married. Tanner is glad that school is almost over and he looks forward to not having anymore reading papers. He's lost 2 teeth with another one on it's way out. He's becoming a little fish and can't wait for swim lessons to start!