Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why it's Wheat of Course

Tanner has been so nice to always bring me plants he finds and thinks I'll like especially flowers. Wether it be dandelions or the neighbors flowers he will pick me a bouquet. So I wasn't to surprised when he brought me home something he found on the way home from school. I was a little surprised at what it was though. He walked in showing me the Wheat he had picked for me. He saw the wheat and thought "hey my mom can use this to make bread". He has asked me several times when I'm going to make bread out of it and then reminds me to cut off the ends since he pulled the roots up as well.
And I wanted to show off a dress one of my college roommates made for me 7 years ago. She made it for her sewing class and gave it to me in hopes that my first kid (Who I was pregnant with at the time) would be a girl. Tanner of course is a boy so I've held on to it and today it finally fits McCall!