Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A couple of pictures!

The first time we mowed our lawn all 3 boys were so excited. Mo was excited because he likes mowing, brayden followed Mo around the whole yard with his little mower and Tanner just wanted to run around a snatch brayden's lawn mower if it was ever unattended. Hopefully we'll be able to get all the dandelions out of the yard and get it looking nice! We also started putting in a garden. The sod was so heavy trying to move it after we cut it. Mo put part of the sod in the trash can and the trash can was so heavy the hydrolics on the trash truck couldn't pick it up. So he had to take all the sod out of the can, load it in the car and take it to the transfer station! He said he was afraid to drive to fast for fear that the back of the car would tip him!!

Last summer me and most of my neighbors were pregnant. Another baby was even born the same day as McCall! We've had a couple of birthday parties lately and here are the cute fruits of our labors!!
On Sunday McCall was sitting on Mo's lap and he was trying to fix her hair bow when she lunged forward and hit her face on the chalk board ledge. I tried to take a picture of it and I got this Umpa Loompa face!!! It kind of just extends out from her smile. And last of all here we are giving sandwich hugs before bed. The boys love doing these and they make McCall giggle!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The fun never ends

OK well not to many fun things happening here. We are bored because we don't know anyone. The boys have been needing someone to play with really bad. We were at the park yesterday and some kids showed up same ages as mine and I thought perfect someone to play with. Well they played fine for a while and then the little boy Tanner was playing with SHOVED Tanner off the balance beam into the wood chips. That resulted in tears and Tanner not sure if he cared to play with him again. And then we attended our wards play group today. The boys were so excited and kept saying "we're going to a play party". Tanner even woke up early and got dressed and lucky for us we were the only ones to show up at the house....bummer. The boys were so disappointed especially since the only other kid threw a humongous fit and sat on top of brayden trying to get a toy. A couple of days after we moved into the house Tanner fell off his bed and got a gash right about his eye. OUCH!!
Last night for family home evening we planted some tomatoes. Last year our tomato plants got fried by the sun so I thought I would put them in a pot that I could move if I needed to. The boys had lots of fun and i'm sure we'll have plants all over the place because when I asked brayden if he was putting a seed into the hole he responded "I don't know"

McCall is doing better. When I took her to the doctor last he said her neck looked just like he hoped it would. I take her in again next week and the Doctor will tell us then if we are doing another CT scan that day or in a couple months. From the outside she looks soooo much better. Her neck still feels lumpy which the doctors says will take a while to go away. We don't know yet if all the fluids in her chest are gone. We will just have to wait and see and pray everything is cleared up.
This is what she looked like the morning of surgery.
What she looked like right after surgery.
And we all know there's not much to do in the hospital except for watch TV. She looks extra chubby from all the fluids they pumped in her. She was so much heavier.

Monday, May 3, 2010

McCalls Update Shortened

McCall is doing better. She's out of the hospital and has all of her stitches out. Her blood count is back to normal...for the most part. Doctors say after you have lots of antibiotics it makes it harder to get accurate readings. Today the doctor said her neck looks like he hoped it would. We still have to go back in 2 weeks and get another CT scan. If the fluids in her chest are still there we may have to go to Primary Childrens. All in all things are looking better and we hope they stay that way. She does have a little fever today but hope it's nothing big. We just hope that we don't have to go back for any more hospital visits. (Those beds are definately not comfortable.) Thanks for all your thought and prayers they helped. We are moved into our house and our phone number will be the same. If you want our address let me know and i'll send it to your email address.