Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First day of school

School started yesterday for us. Tanner was excited to start 1st grade this year. He is in the same class as the neighbor boy he has made really good friends with. I was so glad he was in a class with at least one friend. The majority of his other friends he plays with and lives right close by are all in another class together.

Last year I had Tanner set his clothes out the night before just so everything was found and ready to go. Last night when I went into his room he had set his clothes out without being asked and this is how I found them. I thought it was funny how he laid his underwear perfectly over his shorts and his shoes were placed on the right foot!

Canning applesauce and soccer

There is a lady in our ward to gave me several bags of these little apples that kept falling off her tree. Another friend told me they made excellent applesauce so we decided to make some. I have never canned applesauce before but it was really pretty easy, the kids loved helping and it tasted really good. I guess the best part was that I didn't need to add much sugar! We made a dozen jars and I'm really tempted to but some more apples and make a bunch more. I spiced to of the jars and they turned out really yummy. Just a side note make sure you check your allspice container to see if it has a shake lid or just a big hole. Mine has a big hole!
The boys started soccer this last week and Tanner has his first game tonight. I'm hoping he gathers up enough confidence to get in the game. I have learned that the more you cheer for him the more likely he is to go for the ball. Hopefully our cheering won't annoy anyone!

I haven't figured out yet why the soccer association gives all the kids uniforms that are to big. All of the kids look like they are wearing night shirts!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Washington Trip

I added a couple of post so don't forget to keep scrolling down! We headed out to Washington the beginning of this month so Mo could baptize our nephew. We drove all the way out there and let me tell you we were all ready to get out of the car. The kids all traveled well and I think it's because my sis in law katy was there to help entertain kids. We stopped at Shoshone Falls on our way there to check out the falls. I think they are so beautiful.

When we got to Oregon we stopped at two places called Multnomah Falls and Wahkeena Falls. Unfortunately my camera was out of battery (even though I charged it before I left home) so we didn't get any pictures except for the ones katy took on her phone. (Thank you katy). I didn't realize the place would be so crowded but it was definitely a beautiful place. Go to this website to see come pictures. I don't know how to add a link differently so try this web address. http://www.google.com/maps?q=wahkeena%20falls%20oregon&layer=c&ll=45.577102,-122.120461&cbll=45.577102,-122.120461&photoid=po-1878704&z=15&ei=oW1NTqCRJ_LYiAL97p2RAQ&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=photo-link&cd=4&resnum=2&ved=0CCYQ8wEoAzAB"> We had lots of fun getting to spend time with family and the kids had a blast playing with their cousins. We tried to take a picture of all the cousins that were there and this was the best picture we could do. For as much as they all like each other the youngest ones always cry when we try to do this shot.

McCall's 2!

McCall celebrated her birthday this week! I think the boys were the most excited for her birthday. They sang her every version of Happy Birthday that they knew. When Brayden asked what time the party was and who was coming I explained it was going to be just our family he replied with, "Well that's not a very good party" Fortunately he had fun! I made a super quick and easy ladybug cake this year! I think it turned out alright and was just glad the kids left me enough frosting to get the cake covered. They tried to snag a bite of frosting every chance they got. After losing and then finding the video camera and losing and not finding one of her birthday presents (until after the gift giving was over) McCall was able to enjoy some new clothes and toys. This little chair is dragged all over the house and has been given some great use this week! Thanks for the gifts and birthday wishes.

Because it's funny

I just think this picture is so funny. Don't know why but I do. We went out to the lake and while we were there Brayden was crawling all over this rock and when I called his name this is the lovely pose I got.
I think he looks like he is posing for a magazine or something.