Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer in a nutshell

So the last month it seems we have been pretty busy with swimming lessons, summer movies, roasting dinner over the fire, watching the garden grow, playing with friends, going to the lake, the circus.

We celebrated Brayden's birthday and had snakes for our theme. The kids got a little excited about the snake idea. Our neighbors house is empty and so the weeds in back have gotten really tall. We had some friends over and they all heard a bug making a noise from the neighbors backyard. Convinced it was a snake they drug the trampoline ladder over and all 5 kids climbed on top and commenced throwing rocks into the weeds to get the snake to come out. They had a great time trying to coax it out and gratefully their rock throwing never produced any animals. I tried my hand at making a coiled snake. Definitely not my most favorite cake I've ever made but the 17 kids we had here could have cared less and they ate the whole thing. (It was 2 cake mixes to.)

 We also headed home to Houston for my brothers wedding. We are so excited they got married and the kids just love their new aunt. It's always a nice visit when you get to go home. All of the cousins were there and they had fun staying up late and waking up early, sleeping in my sister's big closet, making a HUGE mess out of baby powder, swimming, visiting the butterfly museum and riding bikes. Many thanks to my sister Kolby has finally started to eat solids while we were there. I had been trying for like a month and a half with no luck. She sat down and he just all of a sudden started eating!

We also got some family pictures taken. Our friend Spencer was so nice to take some for us a few days before he moved. I'm not sure what the problem was but McCall screamed the WHOLE time. Minus a few seconds here and there. She literally rolled around in the dirt. Considering she cried the whole time I was pleased with how our pictures turned out! I love this family picture to. It make me laugh. I think Brayden isn't quite sure about Kolby.

I'm not sure what Mo is doing here! Everyone else finished singing.

Most of the cousins at the Butterfly Museum

Have you ever seen mating sticks? Now you have.

My Dad with grandkids!
Our garden is growing strong we picked tons of peas and have a lot of food we are about to harvest. We planted strawberries this year and look at them everyday to see how close they are to being picked. We just picked our first one. Do you know how to share a strawberry with 5 people? We do. Everyone wanted a taste so we cut it 5 ways.


Tabitha said...

Nice pictures! I like the one of you and Mo. I wish Phil and I would have gotten one with just us when we did ours. Hopefully I'll see you soon!

Ash Kelley said...

It was nice seeing you and meeting most of your kids! They are all so cute and so funny! That Brayden sure can tell stories!
Hope you guys have fun at your family reunion!