Sunday, September 2, 2012

We retrieved our photos!!!!

So a little while back Mo hooked up the camera to upload pictures onto the computer and all of a sudden all of the pictures disappeared. AAAAAA! We had our family vacation and McCalls birthday pictures on there. Long story short we gave our camera to our computer genius friend and he was able to get the pics back!!! So here it goes. We had a family vacation with all of my family at the Aspen Grove camp in Utah. All of my family members were able to make it which made the vacation all the more fun. This place is totally awesome. It's up in the mountains and you and your kids are entertained and fed the whole week. There were different age groups for the kids to go to. So in the morning we dropped them off (even kolby) and then we picked them up for lunch, returned them to their groups and then picked them up at 4:30. They were fully entertained with hikes and swimming, crafts, rock climbing etc. It was awesome to let someone else watch the kids and for us to get a break. They also had a full schedule for any adult who wanted to participate. We did the rock wall, ropes course, archery, paintball, hiking, rifle shooting, swimming, fishing, tomahak throwing and other fun games. I didn't even have to cook at all the whole week. They had a dining hall and feed you all 3 meals. It included a baby food bar as well. It was lots of fun and the cousins all had fun playing and running up and down the halls of our lodge.
McCall also celebrated the big 3! When I asked what she wanted for her birthday every time she would reply "cookies and cupcakes"! My kids are so easy to please. (Unless they get really really upset or tired) McCall has the same birthday as my brother in law so we had him and my sister over to celebrate.  I learned something about making cakes this time. I can do objects or animals alright but not people. His poor superman turned out with one arm seriously more buff than the other one. Ryan was nice enough to invite us to his family's farm. He let us all ride on the tractors and let Tanner drive it by himself. It totally made Tanner's day!
School also started this week. The boys were excited to start and they like their teachers. I do wonder about brayden's teacher a little. He says they color the whole time and that today they played duck duck goose with the teacher not during recess but just for fun. They also get out of class early. This is her first time teaching kindergarden so I hope they learn something and not just how to color!
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Jennifer Call said...

Love the pictures, but it doesn't allow me to down load them to add them to our photo album.

Heather said...

Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)