Thursday, February 14, 2013

What's that? It's been a while.

Yes it has been a long time since I last posted but here are some pictures for all the grandparents who are far away. Kolby turned 1 at the beginning of January. He has gotten so big and walks all over by himself. He is in to E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.NG. But we still love him. He is a pretty happy baby and laughs a lot! 

My sister had her first baby end of January. They named him James and he was over 2lbs smaller than my smallest baby. He looks a lot like her and his daddy. My mom came to help her with the baby and then we got to enjoy having her here for a few day. We love it when she comes and enjoy getting to go out kid free whenever we want!

My sister in law Katy got married to a great guy, Nick. The kids really like him and he is so nice to them. At their reception it was cute to see McCall get shy about going and saying HI to aunt Katy. We also got to see Mo's other brother and sister and their families. It was nice to see them since we never get together. The kids loved having all the family around and all the attention they got! Thank Celeste for braiding mccalls hair, she loved it.

I was also put in as the 2nd counselor in Young Women's a few months ago. I get to work with the Beehives again. They are a fun group and all get a long really well which makes the calling more fun. Mo starting his adjunct professor job at BYUI. He really likes it but would like the opportunity to teach a different class as well. His background, education and love is in Epidemiology (disease prevention) but so far he hasn't been able to do much with it. He has applied to several jobs over the years and actually just interviewed with 2 of them in 2 other states just these last few days. I think even if another job is offered we will probably stay where we are a little longer. We like where we live but know we won't be here forever. I guess we are waiting till we get a call back from that perfect job. We hope everyone had a good Valentines Day. My kids made out with TONS of goodies. Brayden received a girly Valentine with a cat on it. When he showed it to me he exclaimed, "that valentine has ruined my life!" Apparently he didn't want anything girly.
A little while back we had a "weather day" which means no school because it is to dang cold to be outside. And the snow drifts were covering the bus routes. The boys were busy playing air hockey, building a happy wall on their beds, painting, and they even washed the dishes without complaining!

We went to IJump for an FHE activity. It is a place with trampolines all over and foam pits. Who can play dodge ball and go crazy. The kids loved it. I learned that I am not as graceful as I once was when trying to do flips. Brayden however can flip quiet beautifully!

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Tabitha said...

The "girls" were busy playing air hockey...kind of funny coming from a mom with 3 boys.

So happy to see an update, looks like y'all are doing good. Paige handed out Tinkerbell valentines to everyone and said the boys in her class complained about it too :)

I'm sure you will move away from Idaho just as Phil convinces me to move back.