Sunday, October 7, 2012

I don't have a title.

So we have been trying to enjoy these last few days outside before it is blustering cold. We went out to one of my favorite places, Mesa Falls. The kids were kind enough to let me snag a few pics before they all ran off. I love all the fall colors.

Mo participated in this years Race for the Cure 5k. He also ran last year and came in 2nd place but this year he came in 1st! It was so stinkin' cold, like 29 degrees but he still did great! Kolby was all bundled up and just sat there the whole time! Kolby is also in to everything. He has been trying to get into this drawer in my kitchen for a long time and the other day I heard his little cry only to find he had made it into the drawer and couldn't get out!

Tanner has been wanting to start an ice cream club and he invited 17 kids! (That's a lot of ice cream.) Since it is getting cold I suggested doing a hot chocolate club. So he printed up some invitations and so kindly decided to break up all the kids into smaller groups to invite over. We baked up some chocolate chip cookies and made a batch of hot chocolate to serve his guest. Who would have thought it could get so loud with only a few people. They had a blast dancing and playing outside. They even made a haunted house in my food storage room. Since I didn't have any scary music they settled on playing an EFY CD for scary music!
Brayden has been playing soccer again this year and is quite the stud. He's made a lot of goals and with only one game left his team is undefeated so far. He definitely has some talent and the coaches wife has told me the coach wants to coach Brayden again because he loves the talent he has!!! If youre looking for an overly confindent, talented, fun loving cutie patootie I got one you can come visit. He is definitely fun to have in our family and never leaves us with a dull moment or a quite one!

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